This week I’ve mostly been… Reflecting

Relishing my last margarita before the start of ‘Dry July’ – this could be a looooooong month…
Treasuring some quiet time at home.
Exploring some new recipes, or rather making stuff up as I go along…
Appreciating my beautiful surroundings.

A little contemplative post which reflects my rather contemplative week. I mentioned in my first post that I would cover both the highs and lows of island life. I want to keep this balanced, after all. The highs are pretty plain to see but some of the lows less so. There are obvious examples – hurricanes, creepy crawlies, a profusion of power-cuts… But one less evident, and the one that truly gets to me, is saying goodbye to good friends.

In any community people come and go – but in a tiny island population you really feel it. Our little idyll is a transient place with a high turnover of expat residents. On the plus side we are fortunate enough to come across, and get to know really well, interesting people from far flung corners of the globe that we might otherwise never have met. Everyone that moves here has some sense of adventure (apart from me, it really was something of an accident… just kidding not really) and you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a medley of different cultures and traditions. But, sooner or later, some of these friends move away from our ‘Peter Pan’, refusal to grow up, limited responsibility existence due to grown-up career aspirations, family commitments or just a search for new adventures in the hustle and bustle of city life. And, when that eventually happens, it is a tangible loss.

Last week’s boat trip was an opportunity for a day out on the water on a beautiful bank holiday weekend, but it was also a send-off for a treasured friend, one that we shall miss dearly. It served as a reminder to really appreciate my Caribbean life because – one day – it might be our turn to move on.

: Relishing my last margarita in June before the commencement of ‘Dry July’, a chance to prove that I can do a month without alcohol a much needed opportunity for a detox and hopefully a revival to my fitness regime. *This was technically taken at the end of last week, don’t want you to think I was knocking back tequila on a school night (not that I can’t pretend that might have happened before…)

: A simple spot of DIY (if you can call it that – I literally flung a piece of material over the back of our 4-post bed) helped to brighten up our bedroom and disguise the rather chipped and marked wall of our (not to be decorated for fear of the wrath of the landlord) rental apartment. Thus making it a much cosier space to chill out, relax and treasure some quiet time.

: One of those what-can-I-make-out-of-the-contents-of-my-fridge moments. Under that pile of cilantro (embracing the American term, don’t judge me) is an avocado cup overflowing with a warm shrimp, black bean and corn salad.

: Stopping to appreciate the flowers. One of my all time favourites, when in bloom the Flame Trees literally light up the hillsides.

: Cover photo – a leisurely meander through the marina, instead of going directly home.

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