As anyone who knows me well can attest to, breakfast is very important to me. Actually, all meals are very important to me – munching and imbibing are two of my most favourite ways to spend time, but anyway, I digress – back to breakfast. To me, the idea of a quick bowl of cereal or a slice of toast is abhorrent, breakfast should be hot and it must involve eggs (bonus points if you can include avocado). My typical go-to weekday breakfast is scrambled eggs with sliced avocado (or a scoop of guac) and turkey and, whilst assembling that, I whip up a cheesy, hammy, eggy sandwhich for my husband. *

But, finally, when the weekend rolls around – and we aren’t dashing out of the door to our respective boats – I can take the time to indulge in one of my favourite breakfast traditions – brunch!

Too many things to choose from… Actually, why am I even looking… I already know what I’m going to have.

There are many fine establishments in the BVI offering brunch options – but the best of the best is the Tamarind Club. Southern hospitality, an extensive menu of breakfast and non-breakfast related treats (including at least 7 different Benedict options for any eggs benny fans) and gigantic mimosas form the basis of their busy Sunday brunch scene.

‘Bushwacker’ – Frozen alcoholic dessert in a glass: vodka, rum, amaretto, creme de cacao, kahlua, baileys and coconut cream blended with ice and serve garnished with chocolate sauce.
Mine is (very unfortunately) not the rose, neither is it Moet… 5 days in, 26 long days to go…

Throw in a swim-up bar and live music and it is easy to see why this is my brunch mecca. A Sunday ritual that I will happily take the 1/2 hour ferry ride over to East End, Tortola to meet up with friends and partake in.

‘Monte Cristo French Toast’ – thick wedges of French toast covered in a pile of ham, turkey, melted swiss cheese and egg – accompanied by a vat of maple syrup to cover it with, if you are so inclined.
‘Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo’ to which I usually add cheesy grits, in order to soak up all that rich sauce. This weekend I’m on a bit of a carb-kick – so had to do without. See post below about my love/hate relationship with carbs…

Further to all of this, as if things could get any better, this week my ‘usual’ shrimp and sausage gumbo with grits is free. This is courtesy of winning the infamous Tamarind Friday night quiz, which rewards the winning team with free brunch for four. Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch…

Well really – what are you supposed to do with letters like that?
Hefty portions may require a postprandial nap…

A plethora of board games and bookshelves straining under the weight of donated novels are available should you need a wee break before your cooling dip in the pool, or in case you need to wile away some time before your boat home.

*Fortunately for him he can consume far more carbs than I can – if I ate the amount of carbohydrates that I wanted to I would blow up like the stereotypical Italian nonna.

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