Stunning Summer Sunsets

Our little beach apartment faces East. On the rare occasion that we are up early enough, this affords us some beautiful sunrises, but unless we are out and about we tend to miss out on the sunsets.

This weekend, on our way back on the car ferry I noticed that the pastel pinky-purple beginnings of a gorgeous sunset were starting to take shape. Then, as we waited in the least salubrious of surroundings for a vegetable Chow Mein from a roadside food-truck (in a junkyard no less), the sky deepened and got more and more vibrant just before the sun slid below the horizon.



I had just about enough battery left on my phone to capture a few snaps before nightfall.

I am now resolved that when we eventually build our dream house, wherever that will be – that it should have views facing both East and West so that we don’t miss out on these stunning Caribbean sky shows.

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