Gift Guide For Your Guy

 I detailed my struggle with island shopping in (this post) but today’s post focuses on an entirely different crisis… What on earth do you get for your guy???


My husband is practically impossible to shop for. He either doesn’t want/see a need for it (there is a home smoker in the back of the cupboard somewhere that proves this point) or he has already purchased it for himself (yes, electric mountain bike – I’m talking about you) and as a result I’ve started shunning material gifts for the husband in favour of experiences or trips (bonus: I get to go with him…) And boy do I have a great one for this Christmas! (The rest of his gifts this year are going to be such a letdown!) 


Anyhoo – for those of you that are still somewhat successful at buying presents for your other half (or who just want to spoil some of your guy friends) here are a couple of ideas that I’ve been throwing around:


Brew your own beer kit available at


I have a dear foodie friend that I think will love this particular gastronomic adventure. And, if he thinks it’s too much like hard work there is a home smoker kicking around somewhere that I could swap it out for… Seriously though, with a host of different beer varieties to choose from (I went with the ‘Everyday IPA’ to start with) there is something for everyone and it is all reusable, you just need a new batch and some sanitizer for your fermenting kit. Win, win! 



Sipping Stones available at


A classic, featuring on many a gift list, but for good reason. Any whiskey/bourbon drinker is sure to appreciate these – no one likes their whiskey watered down. Cheap and cheerful, a perfect stocking-stuffer.



Watch by Shore Projects:


Available in classic colours (along with the more unusual) and with interchangeable straps, these watches are perfect for any occasion. My personal favourite for the boys is the all black ‘Falmouth’ watch face, which I would pair with a classic dark brown leather strap. 

Named for British seaside towns, there are 15 options for the watch faces and 34 straps in 6 fabric choices – over 500 possibilities. You could gift him two straps so that the same watch does double-duty; casual and dress-watch! 

(Husband: my favourite is the Rose gold ‘Salcombe’ watch with the grey silicone strap, just in case you’re reading…) 

From $145


Flavored Mustards from Mustard and Co., available on


I love an edible gift – one that I don’t have to make myself, even more so. I also appreciate a quirky handcrafted brand. This selection of five makes for a great gastronomic gift. 



‘Escape’ Weekend Bag by Forestbound:

Forestbound Bags

I see a lot of classic tan leather duffel bags featuring on the gift lists for boys. A good piece of luggage is an investment and makes for a thoughtful gift. This quirky canvas bag elevates the usual weekend bag while remaining timeless. 

Bonus: The Olive and Khaki coloured bags are currently on sale which for me feel the most masculine… (Husband – I’d love a matching one in cream)

From $85 


‘Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs’ available at Amazon:


With the huge range of affordable (and not so affordable) cameras available these days, photography is more popular than ever! From our smart phones, to DSLRs and everything in between, we are taking (and sharing) pictures on an almost daily basis.

This book promises to cut through the jargon and provides usefully illustrated tips  covering composition, exposure, light, lenses and seeing. A must have for any wannabe photog. 



House of Marley ‘Get Together’ Portable Bluetooth Speaker: 


Speakers, amps, and sound systems in general, are VERY important to my husband (it’s part of what he does for a living) – so much so that he recently spent 6 hours researching which one he was going to purchase next… (no, I’m not exaggerating and yes, I nearly killed him!) 

This isn’t the one he ultimately chose, but it does get some great reviews and I just couldn’t resist the unusually stylish wood finish. 



Wash bag from AlphabetBags on


I love, love, love gift shopping on Etsy and supporting small businesses. AlphabetBags is one of my favourite shops for personalized gifts and I adore their wash bags/makeup bags with the positive affirmations. I mean, who doesn’t want to be told that they look great in the mornings!?



‘Haynes Explains Marriage: All Models’ available on


The husband is a keen amateur mechanic and will spend whole weekends happily tinkering on his ‘fleet’ of aging vehicles. As such the Haynes manuals have always been a bit of a bible, they’re an institution! 

This year they have branched out beyond vehicles and published Haynes manuals for Marriage, Babies and Teenagers. A great novelty gift.



Union Leather Key Fob from


Tan leather with brass hardware and a sleek embossed monogram. Hard to go wrong.

Bonus points if you pair this gift with a Tile Mate Key Finder… 

$45 (+ $25 for the Bluetooth tracker)

Hope that you find some of these ideas helpful – Merry Christmas!

Charlie x

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