December Book Review

Having an hour long ferry commute daily enables me to get a LOT of reading done. It’s my quality time to switch off and immerse myself in something other than Instagram or Facebook! My reading tastes are pretty eclectic, from best sellers, to suggestions from friends, I am always keen to read whatever I can get my hands on. 

Here’s a sneak peek into the titles I devoured on my kindle this month…


Into the Darkest Corner 

by Elizabeth Haynes



Recently I have really been enjoying books with a bit more of an edge and this dark, psychological thriller suited me perfectly. It doesn’t always make for easy reading as Haynes doesn’t skimp on any of the gritty details of domestic violence, but it has you gripped. The chapters alternate between past and present tense which is a little confusing at first, the character described is so different you wonder if she can really be the same woman. 

Haynes details the budding relationship between the effervescent Catherine and the seemingly perfect Lee, but it soon takes a sinister turn and, as a result, the Catherine today suffers from both OCD and PTSD, a shell of the woman she was. 


The Couple Next Door

By Shari Lapena



I love the way that Amazon suggests other titles. After reading the book above, Amazon had a slew of other psychological thrillers for me to work my way through. 

The story starts with the married couple Anne and Marco at a dinner party with their neighbors. They’ve had to leave their baby daughter unaccompanied next door, as the babysitter cancelled – but it’ll be okay, they have the baby monitor and they take it in turns to go back every half hour and check on her. But then the unthinkable happens, they return home at the end of the evening to find her gone.

The police are called and the investigation starts as they pick apart every detail of their lives, family relationships and business dealings. The plot keeps you engaged all the way through, and every time you think you figure out who’s responsible there’s another curve ball. 


The Marriage Mender

By Linda Green



Alison is relationship counselor – a marriage mender – her job is to help those couples who fear that their relationship has run its course, so you would think she’d have her own all figured out! At the start of the book she and her husband are seeking therapy to mend their own struggling marriage. What happened? How did they end up here? 

A raw account of a seemingly normal family which implodes when her husband’s ex (and the mother of his son) lands back in their lives unexpectedly, revealing family secrets and unsettling the status quo. 

An easy, but not particularly exciting, read – the characters are realistic, in particular Matilda – who has a knack for the awkward questions at the worst possible moment. 


Big Little Lies

By Liane Moriarty



Moriarty is fast becoming one of my favourite authors, not only because her novels are well-plotted and engrossing but because her characters are SO believable! 

Big, Little Lies starts with a murder at a school Trivia Night event and then rewinds six months in order to give us the back-story. We don’t know who the murderer is and we don’t even know who was murdered. 

The plot follows the lives of three of the school mum’s and covers various subject matters including friendship, marriage, bullying, rape and domestic violence. Each mother brings a different voice to the story with her own individual struggles. 

I love how real Moriarty’s characters feel to me, you can instantly identify with them on the basic level, battling their way through the kindergarten cliques and the ‘blonde bob’ brigade. Despite the dark topics the novel is full of humour and light-hearted observations, an excellent balance. 


Hope that you enjoy these as much as I did and please post any recommendations – I’ve nearly finished my current book and need to line up the next one! 


Charlie x

One thought on “December Book Review

  1. […] Moriarty examines ambition/competition and the complexities of female friendship, the effects of grief on a marriage, painful family relationships and other seemingly unrelated topics as the story unfolds.  You can catch up with previous book review posts here, here and here.  […]

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