My Festive Favourites

The holidays are a special time of year for many reasons – for most they represent quality time with your family and friends and some time to reflect. 

Sadly, I haven’t been able to spend Christmas at home for nearly a decade but I console myself with new Caribbean traditions and friends that feel like family. 


Here are some other things that put a smile on my face this Christmas:


A new fancy OPI polish present (Sunrise… Bedtime!) –


I spied my friend wearing this polish at a party in December and luckily (like the stellar superstar she is) she advised me not to purchase it myself, as she had already put one in my stocking!

There’s no such thing as too much glitter over the festive season after all! 


A fluffy pom pom blanket –


I have been living under my new blanket from Nordstrom!

I was a little bit poorly in the lead up to Christmas and this was exactly what I needed for some quality snuggle time on the sofa. 

Pyjamas + Netflix + Pom Pom Blanket + Hot Tea = Cure for the Common Cold. 


A new pretty watch –


The husband did brilliantly this Christmas with my stylish rose gold ‘Salcombe‘ watch from Shore Projects and three coordinating straps (rose gold mesh, grey silicone and navy, in case you’re wondering…) 

These watches have been blowing up on blogs and Instagram (so pretty) and with good reason, reasonably priced and with endless combinations of interchangeable straps they make a fab gift. 


A white marble water bottle –


You might have spied this on my gift list for girls. Not only did I treat a couple of friends, but I also self-gifted one (I was a bit naughty like that this year…)

I have been taking it on the boat every morning with my tea and it has really cheered me up! Keeps my tea nice and piping hot and looks gorgeous. Plus I can also take it to the gym and stop using disposable water bottles! Way more environmentally responsible. 


A personalized key chain –


In the spirit of giving I had picked up a monogrammed key chain for my newly married friend, but then couldn’t resist getting one for myself… it’s fluffy and it makes me smile! 


Christmas is about much more than just material things – but we all like presents… 


Charlie x 

4 thoughts on “My Festive Favourites

  1. Omg I need that scarf! And the watch looks so nice,it’s a little like the one I received,followed.Id appreciate it so much if you followed back I’m so near 300 followers x

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