Saying Goodbye to 2016 – a brief reflection and Instagram round up of December.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, maybe you should? You can find me here with lots of pictures and snippets, glimpses and insights into island life! 



Foot prints on the beach – we have a fairly private and seldom used beach directly in front of our house which is where we walk the dogs. So grateful.



Sunrise – more dog walking pics – what can I say? Dog walking in the islands isn’t really a chore!



Party time! A jungle themed party on a nearby island with the husband and my bestie



The tree is up! Bringing some festive feels to the house and terrifying the dog. Fun times. 



The corporate Christmas do – celebrating with my colleagues in a totally un-work-appropriate dress at a private island resort. 



Walk me. Walk me. Please walk me? Fine, I’ll just stare at you until you give in. Oscar demonstrating that persistence can pay off. 



Setting up my new bar nook in the kitchen – because I like to have the essentials (tequila) close to hand… 



My faux Pho – super flu-busting recipe is needed when you’re poorly and it’s only days until Christmas. (It worked! Perhaps I need to do a recipe post for this soon?)



Christmas morning mimosa – because it’s Christmas Day and, therefore, practically mandatory to have bubbles with breakfast! (Especially with a view like that one…) 



When you’re in the Caribbean and your only option for a fire is a fake one. Roxy being super cute



Foster kitten snuggles in the morning at my bestie’s house. 



Admiring my new Christmas present on the morning commute to work (and trying not to feel resentful of anyone that has those days off between Christmas and New Year)



Celebrating in style at an exclusive party on a private island (Bonus points if you can guess where…) Ringing in the New Year and having an amazing time!!


What have you guys been up to over the festive season??


Charlie x

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