Inspiring Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2017

Okay – I confess, I’m a complete blog addict. It started a couple of years ago when I accidentally stumbled upon Cupcakes and Cashmere and I was instantly hooked (I still want to be Emily when I grow up). 


I follow a few religiously, a couple that I dip in and out of, and I’m always exploring and looking for more (recommendations welcome). It’s my favourite start to my morning – grabbing a cup of tea and catching up with a couple before I start work. 


Mostly I am drawn to travel or fashion and lifestyle blogs with a few food blogs thrown in for good measure. I’ll do a round-up of some of my favourite fashion/lifestyle bloggers soon but I wanted to post today about the 6 travel blogs that I find inspiring:


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Gloria is sassy, sarcastic and uses a healthy amount the perfect amount of swearing – in other words, my kind of blogger!

Her posts are informative while being lighthearted, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and her pictures are beautiful.  Her post about the 10 Countries With The Hottest Men In The World was a particular highlight for me… I mean, she’s put in the legwork – it’s only right that we should benefit from her wealth of experience 🙂 *frantically booking trip to Sweden* …just kidding husband!


It was the combination of food (especially Parisian pastries), travel and luxury which attracted me to Brooke’s blog. Her posts have a certain polish and an aesthetic that appeals to me. Her round-up post for travels during 2016 is definitely something to aspire to!


One of my favourites to follow on Instagram, Alyssa’s gorgeous pictures of far-flung travel destinations always make my feet itch. She has now started her Wanderlust Workers program full of tips on saving money and travel hacks to help anyone achieve their travel dreams.


Johnny’s blunt and honest approach to money and the business of blogging is in equal parts inspiring and off-putting (but that’s probably just the British part of me speaking – we don’t like to talk about money) – there’s no doubt that he’s achieved (and documented) a lot (194 out of 197 countries in the world) and managed to make a lot of money along the way. I find my way to his blog for posts on countries less traveled and blog tips


Another brand with a luxe feel that I appreciate (What can I say? Champagne lifestyle on a beer budget – I aspire to luxury living even if I can’t actually afford it) – I’ve recently been hitting up Jill’s NYC posts – Inspiring NYC To-Do List and Beginners Guide to NYC – for advice on our upcoming February trip (we’re still pretty clueless and need all the help we can get – any ideas guys?).


Occasionally less about travel and more about survival – I couldn’t leave out my island girls! Started by Chrissann in the BVI, WWLOR now features posts from over 100 contributors covering 35 Caribbean destinations and few other islands elsewhere. If you ever wanted to know anything about living and traveling in the islands – here’s the place to find it. 


Anyway, that’s enough from me – any blogs that you read daily that you think I should try? 


Charlie x

All Blogger Photos in this post belong to their respective blog owners

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