A look back at January – Insta round-up

If you haven’t already found me on Instagram – come take a look here – I specialise in sunrise pictures and far too many photos of my crazy pups! January also appears to have been quite the party month…


:: My first ferry ride of 2017 – I love ferry commuting! Sure beats the sweaty and crowded London tube.

image2 image3 image4 image5

:: A selection of sunrise pictures from my morning dog walks – this getting up early thing is not so bad after all… 🙂 


:: Happy tails and a particularly gorgeous, red sunrise up at the quarry 🙂 


:: When the power goes out (again) and there’s nothing better to do than trying to get your pup to cooperate in a selfie – but sadly he won’t…

image2 :: One of my favourite weekend cheat day breakfasts, avocado toast with poached eggs – more on this and other breakfast recipes in a post soon! 

image3 image4

:: Because sometimes we’re lucky enough to get invited to some seriously swanky parties! #UniteBVI


:: The islands are teeming with chickens, sheep, goats and cows (and the odd horse) that roam freely. Occasionally one will get into trouble and need a helping hand. This little guy was stuck and couldn’t get back to the rest of his family – so I stepped in to assist. 

image2 image1

:: More sunrise pictures because I literally can’t seem to stop… 🙂


:: With some sunsets to add a bit of variety…


:: Beach-combing for sea glass and shells during our dog walks… 🙂  

image6 image7 image8

:: We take boat parties pretty seriously out here…! Amazing boat day to round out the month… 🙂 

Looking forward to seeing what February has to bring!

Charlie x

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