5 Fitness Bloggers That You Should be Following

 This week is the week that I’m determined to get back in the gym, because it’s been a few weeks, okay, okay – a few months since I last went and it is about time for my first workout of 2017. (God, it sounds awful saying that out loud, but whatever, it’s only February… Also, I totally intended to run a 5k this weekend but then the Universe (or, more accurately, my snooze button) conspired against me) Anyway, enough of my excuses (!), moving on…

All of these good intentions got me thinking about the bloggers I’m following that give me the inspiration to get up and get moving, even when I don’t want to!

These are the top 5 fitness bloggers that you should watch out for… (in my humble opinion anyway



:: Pumps & Iron – Nicole 


A great mixture of fitness, nutrition and the odd fashion and lifestyle post and a treasure trove of short (but effective) body weight workouts that can be done anywhere. P&I was the first fitness blog that I found and is the one that I turn to most regularly. Aside from her seemingly unshakeable obsession with smoothie bowls what I love about Nicole is that she isn’t a fitness purist and appears to have found level of balance between working out/fitness with a healthy amount of partying and the odd late night (perhaps my holy grail)

I started reading when she still had a ‘regular’ job – watched her go through her training and come out blogging and teaching full time in a career that she created for herself and that she loves, inspirational! 

Check out: Full Body HIIT Workout


:: Fit Bottomed Girls – Jenn, Erin and Kristen


The Fit Bottomed Girls focus on emotional as well as physical fitness and I loved their recent Love Yo’Self week featuring articles like ‘What’s Your Why’ and ‘Caring For Yourself’. FBG is a real variety of health and wellness articles along with fitness and feels very much like you are reading a fitness magazine online. 

Check out: 4 Ways To Care For Yourself


:: Tone It Up – Karena and Katrina


This blog is the one that I discovered most recently but I’m already loving it! I’m still working my way back through some of their older posts (they post multiple times a day) but TIU is full of beautiful pictures and video. They are more of a fitness community and run regular challenges as well as nutrition plans and I will be checking out some of their weekly workout schedules (most are around 30-40 minutes long) in an attempt to get back on track! 

Check out: Daily Workout 


:: My Name Is Jessamyn – Jessamyn


Inspiring, empowering and perfectly demonstrating that athletes come in all shapes and sizes – Jessamyn, a self-confessed ‘yoga enthusiast and fat femme’, has been putting out her yoga and body positivity posts with the perfect level of snark and swearing (especially for the trolls and haters).

Check out: Her first book – ‘Every Body Yoga: Let Go Of Fear, Get On The Mat, Love Your Body‘ which might be exactly what I need to read if I’m ever to overcome my (slightly irrational) fear and brave a yoga studio! 


:: Race Pace Jess – Jess


Like Pumps & Iron, Race Pace Jess is a blog that I tune into for her practical (and ably demonstrated) workout ideas and her running/exercise tips, but she also has a nice balance of nutritional and motivational posts thrown in. 

Check out: 15 Minute Upper Body Workout For Runners


Have any of you got any motivating fitness blog recommendations that I should be taking a look at? Let’s face it, I need all the help I can get! 🙂


Charlie x

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