February Insta Round-up

Wow – I’m not entirely sure what happened, but it feels like we blinked and suddenly it was March!! I put together a little Instagram round-up for you so that you can see what Island-life looked like this month… apparently this month was all about nature (and NYC).

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:: I tried to go easy on the sunrise photos this month – but couldn’t resist this peaceful beauty down at the quarry. Those boulders are what Virgin Gorda is known for and they cover the island.


:: Another Virgin Gorda landmark is the Baths – a maze of huge boulders on the waterfront that you can climb through and one of the top tourist destinations in the BVI, you can read a little more on them here.


:: My new starfish friend at Saba Rock Resort (Saba Rock is also on my list of the top things to do in the BVI, they have a huge open fish tank with starfish and even an eel. Best not to touch him…


:: We had an amazing beach brunch at CocoMaya Restaurant with food as far as the eye could see (seriously SO MUCH food), live music and bottomless mimosas. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday with friends. There was also a bonus box of puppies that someone was trying to find a home for.


:: A few snaps of the flora and fauna on my dog walks around the neighbourhood – love exploring my island home.


:: This hermit crab didn’t particularly want to make friends… so I took a quick snap and then let him be!


:: Getting packed ready to go to NYC and making sure that I don’t leave any of my essentials behind!! (the cocktail kit isn’t really an essential – but it does make the journey a bit more enjoyable!)

image4 image2

:: My favourite thing about flying in the teeny Caribbean island-hopper planes is that someone always has to sit next to the pilot and sometimes it’s me! (I watch the pilot super carefully, you know, in case I need to take over at some point 🙂 ) Then finally flying into NYC – super excited and relieved after a long day of cancelled flights, flight delays and extra connections thanks to the Winter Storm. We were incredibly lucky to get there the day that we were supposed to (9/2) as over 3,000 flights were cancelled that day.


:: Marveling at the incredible view from our hotel room at the super comfortable and stylish Arlo Nomad.


:: Braving the cold, snow and slush exploring Manhattan. We absolutely loved NYC and would go back in a heartbeat. Already planning another trip in my head, there was so much more that we wanted to see!

image5:: Enjoying the view at the Top of the Rock, if you do nothing else in New York you should definitely experience the view of the city from up here! I would have loved to have seen it at night too.


:: My first UFC fight (UFC 208 at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn) we had great seats very near to the Cage and (completely accidentally) right next to the tunnel that the fighters came out from, so we got to see them pretty up close as they passed through. While the card wasn’t the most exciting, I got to see one of my favourites (Anderson Silva) win what might have been his final fight.


:: Back home and enjoying a gorgeous sunset on our final ferry ride of the day – speeding back to the pups.


:: Valentine’s Day – the husband and I don’t really celebrate it (although he did take me out for a surprise dinner) but imagine how delighted I was when my ferry was handing out delicious iced biscuits! (Ferry commuting is honestly the best!!)


:: The quarry were we walk the dogs is covered in conch shells left by the fishermen (you can see the hole where they have broken the shell in order to cut the conch out.) I couldn’t resist taking some pics with this one.

image4 :: Friday sunset wines should be compulsory…


:: Quality family time with the pups – these two are so funny together, always jealous of whatever attention the other one is receiving…

image6 image7 image8

:: Always the foodie – making and enjoying a few treats – hot chocolate with my snowflake marshmallows (perfect for 80 degree heat), homemade pork, cabbage and mushroom wontons and my Bloody Mary bombs.


:: Couldn’t help but smiling when I saw this sign (it’s on the street next to our main Government building) it was exactly the positive sign I needed on a Monday morning.


:: More nature pics – this was a hermit crab found in the tank at one of my favourite restaurants. I had only ever seen them on land before, but apparently there are underwater ones too!


:: I can’t help but take sunrise pictures when they’re as good as this one – storm clouds always make for the most vivid sunrise colours and the sea was black as tar.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset image5

:: Morning walks with my sweet girl, Roxy. Rox usually hates pictures, so it’s harder to get them of her.

Phew – that was quite the action-packed month! What did you guys get up to? Any exciting plans for March??

Charlie x

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