Five Friday Favourites

Good Morning and TGIF… this feels like it has been the longest 4-day week ever! (We had a public holiday this Monday just gone and we have another one this coming Monday! So I can’t really complain) But, I have struggled through it and these are my five favourites that have been keeping a smile on my face:

:: The Returned: After ploughing through Stranger Things and the OA in a matter of days (damn you Netflix, you just suck us right in, every time) the husband and I were looking around for a replacement which we found in ‘The Returned’.

Heavily based on (read: kinda copying) the Emmy award-winning French series of the same name (Les Revenants) The Returned focuses on a small mountain town that is stunned when several local people, who have long been dead, reappear having not changed or aged and remembering nothing of their deaths. Surprise, delight and confusion reigns as they attempt to slot back into the lives they left and further strange phenomena start to occur.

Sadly it was cancelled after only one season, so now I’m going to have to continue my fix and track down the French episodes!

:: Leaf Print: Maybe it’s just me but, I’m still obsessed with leaf prints, palm, banana leaf, any lush greens – in my house, on my clothes and accessories, I’m as basic as they come, but I refuse to apologize. You may have seen me hiding out on Instagram in this new leafy beauty that I found in a boutique here in the BVI (and have not been able to source for you online, similar here and here) and now somehow this bikini ended up in my Amazon cart – I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but at only $29.99 we’re going with it…

:: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline: I’ll tell you a bit more about this in the March book review (this is just the teaser) but I started this at the end of last month and finally finished it this week. It’s long and it’s totally not my usual style (set 30 years in the future) but I absolutely loved it! It will make a phenomenal film. Completely captivating and chock-full of 80’s pop culture references, I could not put it down and have been running around recommending it to everyone since.

:: My Boozy Lollies: So I mentioned in my previous Friday Favourites post that I had got my greedy mitts on an ice lolly mold – and I got to make my Gin & Tonic ice lollies last weekend which I’ve been enjoying this week – they make for a really refreshing (and well-deserved) treat after a workout (as long as you can ignore the fact that you’re undoing all your hard work…)  I’ll be sharing that recipe along with other frozen boozy treats very soon!

:: International Women’s Day: I first learnt about IWD when I lived in Italy where they have long celebrated the ‘Festa Della Donna’ on March 8th. Bouquets of the bright yellow mimosa flower (that are typically the first flower to bloom in springtime) are sold to be given away to mother’s, sisters and wives, or just from one girl to another. A celebratory cake is baked, the Torta Mimosa, a beautifully light lemon cake usually brushed with limoncello and filled with a lemon curd bringing more of that fresh yellow colour and constructed so that they resemble the little round flowers. Restaurants theme their menus around the day and women leave the men behind to go out and celebrate together, dressed in their finest yellow outfits.

Now, despite the fact that I’m no longer meandering up the Corso Italia in Pisa, I still look forward to this celebration of womankind every year. I just wish there was still cake…
What have you been enjoying this week?
Charlie x

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