Perfect Protein Pots

In mixing up my morning routine, I have seriously been working on my breakfasts. No dusty bowls of cereal or dry, uninspiring toast in this household, no sirree… But it can be hard coming up with fresh ideas to keep us from getting bored after a while – and that’s where these guys come in handy.

Customizable and portable, my perfect protein pots feature Greek yoghurt, protein powder and a tasty combination of berries, fruits, nuts and seeds. 
Typically, I will either use a flavored Greek yoghurt (watch the sugar) with a plain protein powder or vice versa. 150g of Greek yoghurt will provide around 11g of protein and the protein powders I use have 25g of protein per scoop. So you’re looking at 36g of protein if you use a full scoop of powder or 24g of protein for a half scoop.
Once you’ve stirred in your protein powder it is time to get creative with your toppings – I went with some chopped cashews, fresh pomegranate seeds and scoops of dragon fruit, but there are some other great combinations. What about adding a tsp of peanut butter and topping with some sliced banana and chopped almonds? Or blueberries with sunflower seeds and toasted coconut flakes? Or even decadent dark chocolate chips with fresh raspberries and chopped walnuts? 

Possible topping include:

Chia seeds, chopped nuts, sunflower seeds, mixed berries, chocolate chips, sliced grapes, chopped watermelon/mango/pineapple, dried fruits. 

Assemble your pot in a Tupperware to take with you on the commute or enjoy while you’re at home. They make a fantastic start to your day. 
Charlie x 

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