March Insta Round-up

Well, it seems that we are continuing our whistle-stop tour through 2017, racing through months at break-neck speed, where we’ll end up nobody knows…!

Here’s a little sneak peek at what I’ve been up to in March, #alittlesliceofmyislandlife 🙂

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Island life has been as glamorous as ever this month – baaaaaad traffic and new chicks taking over the neighbourhood.

Getting my shakshuka on – a new favourite weekend breakfast special – you can check the rest of my easy breakfast recipes here.


So much love for my sweet, old girl ❤

Not that I can really play favourites – check out my cute boys!

Afternoons playing at Saba Rock and hiding in the palms

Some quality family time walking the quarry up by our house – boulders the size of buildings!

Because you know I absolutely can’t resist a stormy sunrise…

Rose gold everything… obsessed, addicted, in need of an intervention…

Shivering beach selfie… take me back to those days – it’s now devilishly hot!!

International Women’s Day 2017

Full Moon fire dancing with Purafire VI

Getting fruity and discovering that there’s more than one way to get into a pomegranate and that some methods are more effective than others.

Escaping the little rock with a weekend on the slightly bigger rock…

Fantastic dinner with friends at Scaramouche restaurant – if you’re ever in the BVI you should definitely visit, check my restaurant guide here.

Be a pineapple, stand tall, be sweet on the inside and wear a crown!

Effortless lunches with friends, assemble salads, throw meat on the grill – done!

60 giant, inflatable flamingos raced in aid of charity (raising $18,500 in the process) in an epic endurance battle requiring a surprising amount of stamina!

Paradise Club at Cane Garden Bay – this sign has become something of a BVI icon and I was pleased to finally capture my shot – with a beautiful sunset behind it too!

Another weekend, another beach BBQ – you won’t hear me complaining!

Tiny new friend – I have christened him Eddie (Eddie Lizzard)

More flamingo fundraising with this gorgeous coconut scented, handmade soap from EC Soap Co, which will soon be available internationally – watch this space!

I never tire of pretty palms – even if this crop sit atop our roundabout in the center of town! The mogul field of scattered clouds was a bonus.

So that’s March over and done with – what will April bring? Anyone got any fun plans?

Charlie x

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