April Insta Round-Up

Okay, so in all honesty, this type of post sometimes feels like a bit of a cop-out, buuuuut… the stats seem to suggest that you like them! So, in an effort to give you what you want – here’s a little look at what I’ve been up to this month. Lots of nature and food again… I’m nothing if not a little predictable it seems! 

If you want to follow along more regularly, you can find me here

The start of April brings about our annual BVI Spring Regatta, read a little more about what we got up to here

Watching my jasmine bloom unfurl in my jasmine tea. 

Early morning walks on our beach and finding the baby palms that someone has been planting! 

Finally getting a couple of good pictures of my favourite beach visitor. The dogs usually scare him away before we can get close enough. 

Meeting new friends on long walks – frangipani caterpillar. 

Sun setting at the marina over drinks and snacks. 

Fantastic paired tasting menu at Brandywine restaurant featuring Mont Redon wines – you can read more about we ate and drank here

A little rainbow on our wedding anniversary – we had double rainbows come out when we got engaged and I saw one fleetingly the morning of our wedding day. I like to think they are a little sign. 

While I don’t recommend picking and eating any old fruit in the Caribbean, some of them are extremely poisonous (!), if you know what you’re looking for you can forage some little treats. Like these cactus fruits. Shiny pink on the outside with white flesh inside studded with tiny black seeds. They are similar to dragon fruit. 

Easter time is festival time on my island and everything gets decorated with flags. Even my commuter ferry!

Easter wouldn’t be complete without chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. Or in my case West Indian fruit buns. Makes for a delicious breakfast with a mug of hot tea. 

The vines on our beach have started flowering and I have to tread carefully to avoid crushing the delicate pinky/purple blooms. 

You would think in the land of sunshine that throwing an impromptu BBQ would be a fairly safe bet weather-wise, but this is the tropics and anything can happen. When it rains here, it really rains! Fortunately it usually clears up very quickly.

More festival flags.

Enjoying delicious food at one of the latest restaurants to open – you can read a little on my thoughts of it here

It’s not just the flowers on the beach I have to be careful not to trample on. This wee fellow was out sunbathing and I was careful not to tread on him. 

We enjoyed some wonderful hiking on Peter Island – you can read a bit more about how we spent our day here

I needed a little pick me up yesterday and this frozen yoghurt was the perfect treat!! I took the time to sit on a little bench in the sunshine to enjoy it and watched the world go by. 

Next month is my birthday and we’re already making party plans and putting together some adventures! What will you be up to?

Charlie x 

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