Friday Favourites – Mermaid Edition! 

Mixing up the Friday Favourites this week as I have been craving all things mermaid lately! I guess it might be considered a bit of an occupational hazard when living in the Caribbean. 

It all started with some innocent research for my 80s themed birthday party (silly pics on Instagram – I was a My Little Pony!) and a strong desire to re-watch ‘Splash’. 

It then progressed to a bit of an binge since I’d been generously gifted a voucher! 

Where I found this beautiful bikini – ‘Fuller Bust’ Exclusive for the win!!

And this cute pyjama set… 

And then a rose gold mermaid tail inflatable!!! 

Images via

All that online shopping had worked up quite the appetite so I checked out Vibrant and Pure’s Instagram for some mermaid toast inspiration (yes, mermaid toast is an actual thing!) I should really start making my own – so beautiful. She uses all natural products to make her vibrant food art – coloring it with ingredients such as beetroot and spirulina. 

Image via Vibrant and Pure

Did you know that you can now get mermaid treats as part of a monthly subscription service?? The Filthy Mermaid sources and delivers siren swag right to your door! 

Image via The Filthy Mermaid

That sounds like something to celebrate with some Mermaid Water punch!! The brainchild of the Tipsy Bartender 

Image via Tipsy Bartender

A combination of spiced rum, coconut rum, lime and pineapple with a little blue curaçao to give it that fab colour! 

Have you been expressing your inner mermaid recently?

Charlie x

None of my links are affiliate links – I just like to share things! 


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