Grown-up Jelly Shoes

A little known fact about me is that I have an hour’s round-trip walk as part of my daily commute. 

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it and it probably helps keep some of the extra booze calories from settling on my thighs – but it does mean that I can’t wear stilettos on a day-to-day basis. 

I’m not the sleek fashionista that can run around in high heels all day (…anymore) and, as such, I’m constantly on the hunt for stylish flats. 

Recently I’ve been eschewing my usual leather sandals for all the grown up jelly shoes that have been making their way into the market…

It started with these rose gold Kate Spade beautiesI’m not even going to apologize for my shameless rose gold addiction – did you see the glitter in the soles??! 

They also come in fuschia and silver, just FYI… 

Then I discovered the range by Ipanema, like these, these and these and now I’m officially hooked! 

More rose gold – still not apologizing…

Essentially flip flops but just a wee bit smarter. Perfectly practical for any Caribbean eventuality (comfortable and waterproof!), but remaining smart enough for work (as long as you work somewhere that allows open-toed footwear) or a relaxed lunch date. 

I’ve even worn the Kate Spade pair under a maxi at more formal occasions.

Now that I hear the temperatures are finally starting to warm up you ladies should think about snagging yourselves a pair! 

Charlie x

None of these links are affiliate links – I just like to share things 🙂 

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