May Insta Re-cap

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday – starting off this morning with a little round-up of my Insta-exploits and a sneak peek into what we got up to in May. 

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram you can find me here. I’ve recently started the #100HappyDay Challenge so you can follow along or, even better, join in! 

Just chilling out in the Marina waiting for our morning commute to work… 

Dehydrated grapefruit as a garnish for your cocktail is quite the revelation! 

Exploring the new farm-to-table initiative at one of my favourite restaurants – Brandywine Estate. Read a little more about it here

Sunset boat rides home… 

A blissful weekend with friends – exploring the North Sound and zipping about between Saba Rock and Bitter End Yacht Club.

Taking shelter from a quick rain shower – these guys don’t make the best umbrella… 

Still thinking about the fresh, peppery arugula at Brandywine Estate restaurant

Prettying up my nails ready for the weekend! 

Storm clouds gathering at the dock – hoping for a smooth ride home! 

But rainy days make for the prettiest sunsets! 

And it’s never long before the sun is shining again! 

Her Majesty’s Passport Office did a sterling job of getting my brand new and shiny passport back to me super fast!! 

80’s birthday silliness for this 80’s baby! 

Making teeny, tiny new friends at the beach!

When you coordinate your dress to your nails… 

More sunny mornings at the Marina

My favourite beach snack – purslane is a salty-tasting leaf not that dissimilar to samphire and it grows in great swathes across our beach.

Favourite breakfast – griddles asparagus spears with fresh poached eggs, shaved pecorino Romano and homemade pesto. 

My beautiful girl stretching out in her favourite sunny spot – hard to believe she turned 12 this week! 

Making mango and raspberry Sangria with my birthday mangoes! Find the recipe here

I find the prettiest things on my beach walks… 

Just watching the pelicans fish. 

Because #prettybowlsmakeeverythingtastebetter

Never get tired of fresh coconut water! 

Desert Rose blooming and the start of my 100 Happy Days project! 

Fun times at the Leverick Bay Poke Run 2017 – see more about the event here

So that’s about it – excited to see what June has in store. I have a few travel adventures up my sleeve which I’m excited to share with you – make sure you’re following to see where I’m going and what we get up to!
Charlie x


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